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A Few Words About our Resto-Lounge

Belleeny’s Martini Resto-Lounge has brought a new concept to Canada! West Indian and Italian Fusion is a combination of pastas and spices like you have never imagined! Come and taste our delicious food and refreshing drinks! Enjoy some smooth Jazz and kick back by a fireplace!

Opened in 2013, Belleeny’s Martini Lounge and Restaurant is a casual fine dining restaurant and lounge offering the unquestionable service and inventive cuisine. From the dark wooden floors to the high ceiling and contemporary decor, there is a relaxing yet upscale atmosphere. The list of martinis, cocktails, and spirits are endless and can be sipped on the overstuffed leather chairs which turn the space into a great spot to meet friends for drinks.

First and foremost, Belleeny’s Martini Resto-Lounge is run by a close-knit family who believe food should be served only if it can be served to the family. The ingredients are of the highest quality. We are proud to say there is no MSG or peanuts in our food. We are obsessed with providing the best of food to our guests to ensure their visit is nothing less than exceptional.

It is not just a lounge and restaurant, but an entertainment hotspot for local talent.

We encourage private bookings and special events such as weddings, birthdays, and off-site catering. To avoid any sort of disappointment, please check the event calendar and call ahead so that we can accommodate and serve you.